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Friday, October 2, 2009

Visit to Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

Here's a few photos from Woodland Park Zoo. Nice visit during the AAZK conference. Makes me realize again how tricky it is to design an exhibit for photography.

This exhibit works for the camera! Looks like I stumbled on that bear in the Olympics.

Shot the jag through thick glass, which worked pretty well. I suspect a heater under those rocks.

Barred owl. Perfect conditions--no bars or mesh, no glass, up close. Now I have no excuses for my mediocre photography!


Evan Lewis said...

Used to visit this zoo a lot when I was a kid. That owl looks old enough to remember me.

Ann Littlewood said...

Evan, That owl IS old enough to remember you. He said "who cooks for YOU" and I said it was Ilene. (A little birder joke...)

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