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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A visit to Oakland Zoo

We're all going to DIE!!

I was in Oakland a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to visit the zoo with my sister (the one who takes much better photos than I do). The day was sunny and many of the exhibits were spacious and well-planted. Lots of families with kids.

My sister is also braver than I and talked me into taking the tram. Just the right amount of scary, and a nice way to see the place. This is a smallish zoo, but the exhibits are mostly spacious and grassy. Here's some shots.

Blue and Gold Macaw, by Nancy Parker

The males of our native wild turkey have that tuft of feathers, but this may be an exotic species.

Big old eland. I love these guys.

I was surprised to see such a strong statement against circuses with elephants. Sorry if this is too small to read. Circus elephants are chained when they aren't performing and spend their days "on the road." In some cases, the training is very harsh. Not the greatest life. My second zoo mystery, Did Not Survive (due out in July), touches on some of these issues.

Back on the ground, safe and sound.

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