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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The good, the bad, the (not yet) ugly

The good news is that Did Not Survive is getting some great reviews. This from the zoo world:

"Ann Littlewood is an exceptional writer and as a former zoo employee knows what it is like on the inside. She does not make the offputting mistakes that other authors make when they venture zoo side. ... Whereas all zoo people will enjoy reading them so too would any fan of mystery and suspense. What is more whoever reads them will learn something about zoos and the people who work in them too." Zoo News Digest

From Vancouver, Washington, where Did Not Survive is set:

"There may be only one thing harder than publishing a first novel: pulling a second healthy rabbit out of the same hat.

But Portland writer Ann Littlewood’s sophomore novel is out — Did Not Survive, a second offering in her Zoo Mystery series — and it’s even better than her debut." Carolyn Schultz-Rathbun in The Vancouver Voice.

Of course I'm tickled pink.

And I need good news because I broke my arm on Friday, August 13. My right arm. The one I like to use every single day for tasks such as writing this blog. Sigh. I hunt, I peck, my husband ties my shoe laces. Such are the consequences of frisking about on stumps out in the woods.

But, if all goes well, no surgery needed. That would be ugly.


Marian Allen said...

Oh, Ann, I'm so sorry to hear about your arm! Wonderful reviews, though! :)

Marian Allen

Ann Littlewood said...

Thank you, Marian! Book promo is now even more of a challenge. What doesn't kill me...

Eloise Hill said...

Finding your Word primer very helpful and all I can say is you deserve some serious applause for keeping up your blog with a broken arm. Congrats on the great reviews and may your fracture mend quickly!

Ann Littlewood said...

Thanks, Eloise. I'm sure all this lefty activity is building great new brain pathways. As well as giving me tendinitis, of course.

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