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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Night Kill for 99 Cents

Just  found out today that you can download the e-book version of Night Kill, the first Iris Oakley zoo-dunnit, for a mere 99 cents until the end of the month. Click HERE and go for it.

What's Night Kill all about? Here you go:

The Finley Zoo lions were captive-born; they had never killed. But they knew exactly what to do when drunken zookeeper Rick Douglas fell into their exhibit in the middle of the night. Iris Oakley, Rick’s widow, is devastated that he broke his promise to quit drinking and then died stupid. But questions about his death won't let her move on from grief and anger. Iris realizes she must find out what really happened that night. Friends are as troublesome as suspects--when she can tell them apart--and her career falls off the rails. She loses her coveted position as a feline keeper and her boss wants her gone for good. Iris hangs tough, determined to figure out who fed Rick to the lions and why. Her insider's understanding of wild animals finally points to the truth. Then Iris has to survive to prove it.

She forgot to mention Night Kill has penguins in it.

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