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Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the road with Night Kill

My blogging runs toward two themes: conservation issues and the adventures of my first zoo mystery, Night Kill. Today's blog is on the latter. But I'll be traveling for the next couple of weeks and may stray into travelogue as well.

Yesterday, Saturday December 13, I had a signing at the Sacramento Zoo and it was really a blast. A tour from the zoo's director, Mary Healy, got me off to a wonderful start. Mary's knowledge, resume, and skills are impressive (amazing, actually), she knew several friends from my zoo days, the Sacramento Zoo has a wonderful collection, and even the weather was good. To say I enjoyed the tour is a massive understatement! Next time you're in Sacramento, go for the black and white ruffed lemurs, stay for the flamingos. And a fine cat collection, a breeding group of thick-billed parrots and and and...

Pam Williams, the developement director, and Eileen Rodriguez, the gift shop manager, were incredibly hospitable and considerate and made the tableing experience a delight. We sold some books, I talked to docents, staff, and visitors, and then a passle of my California relatives showed up. What a great experience! It was capped off by a late lunch at the wild and wonderful Tower Cafe, with all those relations.

I finished up the Sacramento leg of my trip with a visit to Elmer Aldrich, a 93 year old family friend who is a life-long biologist and conservationists. We chatted about his friendship with Ansel Adams, his award from Glen Olson, and his current (!) service with Save the American River. How impressive can you get?

Here's a few photos from the zoo, taken by my sister, Nancy Parker. Thanks, Sis!
Bongo with his Christmas tree and treats. He loved it!