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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ashland, Oregon Mystery Author Series

Here's a size-large THANK YOU to Maureen Flanagan, Ed Battistella, Michael Niemann, and Carl Hilton for a blow-out weekend in Ashland, Oregon.

Ashland is a smallish town in a remote corner of a small state. Yet it hosts a fabulous, famous Shakespeare series and--it turns out--a terrific mystery author series. And my very own self was invited as one of this year's Ashland Mystery Readers Group. The kick-off event for the weekend was a reading Friday April 13  at Bookwagon at 6:00 PM.

So off we went, the spousal unit and myself, in the trusty Honda, with suitcases, a projector, and a screen rattling away in the back, in plenty of time to drive the 300 or so miles to Ashland. We made it 15 miles down I-5 and then...

It's run fine for 14 years. Why die now??
But the local Honda dealership saved us with a rental. I told the Ashland folks we left in a '98 Honda CRV and arrived in a 2011 Honda CRV. And best of all, We Were Not Late. Didn't even have to break any speed laws.

Here I am being introduced at Bookwagon by Michael Niemann.
A fine bookstore
My new/used projector worked perfectly and my how-I-came-to-write-zoo-mysteries slide show went over well. We sold all the books and had some great conversations with the people who braved a downpour to show up.

The next day kicked off with my first television experience (not counting watching my son at age 6 on Rambling Rod's set). Maureen, an old hand at this, shepherded me through. I walked into the community access TV lab, and Maureen called to the staff, "Talent on the set!" They all applauded at me. I almost fell over. This was an all-volunteer crew that soldiered through the technical difficulties of brand-new cameras while Michael Niemann, a mystery author himself, and I chatted about southern Africa. Then Michael used his radio experience to conduct an excellent interview (his part, at least). What a great introduction to TV!

Scary new cameras
Prepping the set
Afterward, spouse and I met with old friends who live in the area, wandered the charming streets of downtown Ashland, and watched a fine production of Romeo and Juliet. Doesn't get much better than that! We spent Sunday night at the wonderful Wolf Creek Inn near Grants Pass (a historic inn with genuine bullet holes and great food) and cruised on in to pick up the now-fixed Honda. What a great weekend!

You knew I'd find wildlife somewhere along the way:

Romeo seeks Juliet: object--long walks, conversation, wild sex

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Left Coast Crime

Well lookit thet! I'm on video HERE.

This is from Left Coast Crime mystery conference, held in Sacramento this March. Lorie Ham of Kings River Life stalked the halls, interviewing mystery authors.  Thank you, Lorie!

Always weird to see myself on film/video. Do I sound British? What's with all the head movement? Is it OK???? [spasm of self-consciousnesses] Did you think I was young and blond and gorgeous? Now you know the truth. If only I had a camel to distract you...

Relax! We have other things on our mind.