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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Did Not Survive pays off

I'm pleased to say that I recently received my first royalty check from Did Not Survive and, as promised, I donated it to conservation. Let me hasten to say that the check was modest--it takes time and luck to establish a mystery series and mine is still new.

Here are the organizations and the reasons I selected them:

Health in Harmony, for their program to provide local jobs reforesting Gunung Palang National Park, an employment alternative to illegal logging.

Center for Biological Diversity for their efforts to save natural areas by suing to enforce US environmental laws.

Asian Elephant Support for their efforts to help both wild and captive Asian elephants.

WildAid for their campaign to reduce consumer demand for wildlife products in Asia.

What would be your choices? Let me know what organization and why. I'll consider them when the next check comes around.

Thanks for thinking of us, but bigger would be better. Go sell more books.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

Congrats on the royalties. Keep 'em coming.

This group is great, worthy of donations!


Cheers, Matt (Daniel's friend!)

Ann Littlewood said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll keep that one in mind.

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